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Aug 24, 2017

Hard-nosed Indian Data Scientist Gospel Series - Part 1 : Incertitude around Tools and Technologies

Before recession a commercial tool was popular in the country, hence, uncertainty around tools and technology was not much; however, after recession, incertitude (i.e. uncertainty) around tools and technology have pre-occupied and occupying data science learning, delivery and deployment.

When python was continuing as general programming language, R was the left out best choice (became more popular with the advent of an IDE i.e. RStudio) and author still see its popularity among non-programming background (i.e. other than computer scientists) data scientists. Yet, author notices in local meet ups, panel discussions, webinars, still, a clarity on which is better from aspirants towards the data sicence as a everyday interest as shown in below image.

Author undertook several projects, courses and programs in data sciences for more than a decade, views expressed here are from his industry experience. He can be reached at mavuluri.pradeep@gmail or for more details.
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