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Nov 25, 2008

First step in model building - Data Reading.

Commit to memory:
1) Variables has to be read in appropriate format, namely:
a. Numeric
b. Character
c. Date
d. Currency (Dollar) or Custom (Comma)
e. Length:
i. Appropriate width and decimals for numeric’s
ii. Appropriate width for character’s
2) Appropriate order & labelling for ‘Ordered’ categorical variables, since order is important and value driven.
a. Example 1: Strongly agree, somewhat agree, neither agree nor Disagree.
b. Example 2: Ratings viz., 0, 1, 2, 3 etc being 0 as worst and 3 as very-good.
c. Example 3: If exists arithmetic operations viz., greater than or less than.
3) Appropriate labelling (description) for ‘Nominal’ categorical variables when given in numerics.
a. Example 1: If Gender given as 1 label whether it is ‘Male’ or ‘Female’.
b. Example 2: Similarly for Brand, Ethnicity etc.
4) Appropriate labelling (scale description) for continuous variables.
a. Example 1: Age of a product/service – whether in weeks, months, quarterly, half-yearly etc.
b. Example 2: Quantity of a product – whether in units or volumes (Pounds, Kilograms, Litres etc.).

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