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Sep 15, 2015

"R" in Top 20 of TIOBE Index

Dear R programmers,

In this May (2015), our favorite "R" almost came to 12th position in the popular TIOBE Programming Community Index (TIOBE Index), however, it is experienced some volatility after that and couldn't move further to top 10. Currently, it holds 19th rank (for this month); wishing it retains its position in top 20 through the rest of the months of the year and hope to move quickly into top 10. Also, find below my compilation of what is R for the analytical solutions (System for Statistical Computation & Graphics), here, it doesn't mean or ignore the latest "machine learning" word, I treat it to be also part of our statistical computations.

Author ( or of this post, had been using R for complete analytical solutions and educating purposes for a long time. Some 3rd party copyright materials have been reused here under fair usage approach for educating purposes. Hence, current blog post usage is restricted for educating and information purposes and fall under usual copyright usage terms.

Enjoy "R" Programming!

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