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Jan 13, 2014

Operational HR Analytics - Application to Attrition

As employee attrition continue to be expensive for organizations; businesses demanded increasing flexibility as interest in what can be done with Human Resource (HR) data and intensifying opportune in its preparation/planning are gaining pace, that, directs towards operational HR analytics.

As evident from above figure, reports (basic) are entirely backward looking aspect with less return on investment (ROI). Current phase is result of availability of increase in data across the organization and all-encompassing information technology progress that helps to predict what went wrong and integrate them with future outcomes. Majority of businesses today though uses predictive analytics for their organizations, return on investment had been slowed down and not effective as these analytics are not yet in the stage of adaptive application i.e. real time to the organizational operations/needs.

In current state of human capital management where dynamic workforce requirements, acute competition for talent, rapid technological advances not providing enough time to ingest for adoption and national/natural upheavals in one part affecting overall business in the other parts requires operational analytics that can foresee rising business needs of an organization. My experience with the help of open-source statistical computing environment viz. R, towards developing such environments had been yielding higher return on investment for businesses.

Author has worked extensively in the HR analytics and can be reached at mavuluri.pradeep@gmail for more details. 

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