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Sep 8, 2017

Hard-nosed Indian Data Scientist Gospel Series - Part 2 : Certificate (or Degree) Mania

This is second in series, first is here.

Again, whole past decade before & after recession seems to be & seeming to be revolving around a mania called certificate or degree’s around some topic / tool. Let it be subject / concept namely., Analytics or Machine Learning or Data Science etc. and tool / technology namely., SAS or SPSS or R or Python etc. (where price of such unequal to (s) ranged from 0,000’s to 000,000’s).

This always reminded and reminds me that most of marketers duped aspirants around data science by hiding its important characteristic namely., “multi-disciplinary one”, that led to ending up with partial learning or incomplete or incompetent learning which couldn’t cater industry needs.

Author undertook several projects, courses and programs in data sciences for more than a decade, views expressed here are from his industry experience. He can be reached at mavuluri.pradeep@gmail or for more details.

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