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Mar 23, 2015

Imparting Data Sciences - Industry Practices - Part 2

In continuation to my last post Part 1, today, I would like to bring few more observations from the industry that revolve around whether data scientists are supposed to run algorithms (or) they are meant towards solving business solutions?

q Firstly, hardly any checks exist for “does whatever data scientists applied for mining the data (let it be small or big) is helpful in providing solutions that can be combined with the sphere of real world understanding and their needs? (Reasoning or Strategic Reasoning)”.
q  Secondly, ignoring client requirements deeply and presenting the technologies they are comfortable in, which cannot be heart and soul of data sciences.
q  Finally, its became a habit of searching a better algorithm once and using the same for years ignoring new data dimensions which are adding day-by-day, wherein, its failure later provides blame on complete data sciences.

Author undertook several projects and programs towards data sciences, views expressed here are from his industry experience. He can be reached at mavuluri.pradeep@gmail or for more details.

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