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May 2, 2013

Step Towards Making Data Analysts More Productive in Shorter Time?

Today lots of reports have been published and expected more;  highlighting analytical skills shortage, however, rare of them address, how it can be achieved in short term as in long-term supply and demand factors will match. Below are few things, which I have implemented in the past which helped in short term stint of less than three months for data analysts to become more productive:

1)  Focusing on business problems and help analysts define them appropriately. It worked superbly, since addressing or questioning required analysis helps them to quickly grasp complexity.
2)  Moving away from process of ETL.
3)  Make them learn and comfortable with automating repetitive tasks during the analytical cycle.
4)  Make them map business questions to analytical solutions using several mind map games (can be in both class-room environment or offline/online group environment)
5) Leverage them against appropriate analytical tools. 

Please feel free to reach me at to know about process more.

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